Do you feel alone in your business? Wearing too many hats at the same time? Or do you have a new business/product idea and need help working through it? You can't talk to your staff, but need someone to bounce ideas off and discuss issues as well as opportunities in your business? Coaching could be the answer.

Coaching is for anyone who needs help with clear goal setting, prioritising, need a sounding board, or a safe, confidential space. Kaizen Kiwi can help.


Intended as a resource for business owners and senior management, coaching sessions help you among other things with:

  • Setting clear goals for your business
  • Identifying partial goals along the way, that will help you get you to your end destination
  • Getting help to prioritise your business activities and tasks
  • Have someone to turn to for advise
  • An ally, speaking about your business in a safe, confidential space
  • A sounding board for ideas, challenges and opportunities that arises
  • Get help and advise, plus suggested reading and online tools to help in your day to day running of the business.

We will often start with sessions twice a month, which might decrease to monthly sessions when most of the urgent work has been dealt with, a strategy for the future has been set up, and monthly follow-ups are sufficient to reach our set targets and deal with issues that may arise.

Coaching Packages as follows:

Coaching 2 times/month, 90 min each + 2 hours of additional support = 599$ / month. 

Monthly Coaching, 120 min + 2 hours of additional support = 480$ / month


Businesses may be eligible for support under the Tourism Transition Fund for this service. Find out more by visiting

If you are not eligible for the Tourism Transition Fund, you can still get help. The Management Capability Development Fund offers businesses up to 50% co-funded support for management coaching and training services to build management capability within the business. Find out more by visiting


Kaizen Kiwi also does pro bono work as a mentor through Business Mentors New Zealand.

Please reach out, as we can always structure coaching around your specific needs.
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