New Business Launch

Have an idea for a new business? Or you might have an idea but you are not sure if it is viable, or how to go about setting it up?    I can help.

Have an idea for a new business venture but don't know where to start? Kaizen Kiwi can help you launch your new business.

If you have a business idea but don't know where to start, I can help. First I will research into your chosen area of work and then map out what you need to get started, what you need to think about in order to build a successful business out of your idea, and how to go about it. We will analyse your competitors and discuss best website platform for your needs, and also how to go about social media.

In short, I will help you launch your business. 


Kaizen Kiwi offers services that are registered with the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund. 

Businesses may be eligible for support under the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund for this service. 
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The Importance of Storytelling

All marketing, and ultimately the success of your new business, relies on one thing: storytellingIn order to tell your story in the right way, the first step is identifying your ideal client and ask yourself: WHO is your customer?

All strategy work starts with a workshop where we conduct a number of exercises, ultimately will leading to identifying your ideal customer, and crafting your unique value proposition. This in turn will guide all strategy work that comes after, to ensure that your values align with those you are trying to attract. 


We offer a 30 minute free consultation to all new customers, to fully understand your needs and to offer you the right services.

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