How I Can Help through Storytelling.


All marketing, and ultimately the success of your business, relies on one thing: storytelling.
You need to tell your story in a compelling way to get people to connect with our brand, drive traffic to your site or online store, and make them stay there long enough to make a purchase or book a service. Not just once, but again and again. And in order to tell your story in the right way you need to identify WHO is your customer?

Once you have identified your ideal customer(s) can you move on to how to appeal to them. Before we undertake any work together, we will always do an initial workshop to uncover your ideal customer or client. We then move on to craft your unique value proposition, and then translate that into how to communicate with your ideal audience. This work is important in order to get the rest of the project right. 



Services offered are:

Strategy / Business Development

If you feel like you need to move forward, but feel stuck, or are not sure what to do, we can help. As part of our dedicated strategy work, we will thoroughly assess your current business plan as well as your website, and social media, analyse your main competitors and their strength and weaknesses compared to yours, and take into account where you would like to be in one or three years from now, to put together a strategy plan for you. This could also include developing new products/lines and/or export opportunities among other things, as well as pivoting in the new Covid landscape we find ourselves in. Although these times are scary to most people, there are opportunities out there, if you know where to look!

(Know Your Client) KYC Workshop

You need to tell your story in a compelling way to get people to connect with our brand, drive traffic to your site or online store, and make them stay there long enough to make a purchase or book a service. Not just once, but again and again. And in order to tell your story in the right way you need to identify WHO is your customer?

In this 2-hour workshop, we will start by identifying your ideal customer(s). We can then move on to how to appeal to them, and do so by crafting your unique value proposition. In the third step, we translate the first two steps into some tangible advice on how to communicate with your ideal audience, which you can then use on your website, social media and any marketing material, on line or in print.

This workshop is undertaken with all new clients before we start our strategy work together. It can also be undertaken as a stand-alone module.

Website Revamp / Rebuild / Newbuild & SEO Improvement

Do you have a website that feels a bit out of date? Have you added new products or product lines lately and don't feel like the new content 'jives' with the rest of the website? Want to change colours or imagery? Or maybe you just don't know why you are not getting more sales? We can help.

Unfortunately, most of the clients we have worked with to date, have needed an overhaul of their current website's SEO. If you are not set up properly, it doesn't matter if you have a pretty website, you will still not get any traffic from Google and other Search Engines. In this Covid climate, when more and more people are shopping and finding resources online, it is more important than ever to have your website set up properly with SEO, no matter if you are selling a product or a service.

Need a new one? We can also help you set up a whole new website if you have a business idea but don't know where to start. Or, I can help you move your existing website onto a Shopify, Wix or Squarespace platform if you want a whole fresh start. Sometimes starting fresh is the best way forward.

We are a verified Shopify Partner    

I am a verified Shopify Partner



The Importance of Storytelling

All marketing, and ultimately the success of your new business, relies on one thing: storytelling. In order to tell your story in the right way, the first step is identifying your ideal client and ask yourself: WHO is your customer?

All our strategy work start with a workshop where we conduct a number of exercises, ultimately will leading to identifying your ideal customer, and crafting your unique value proposition. This in turn will guide all strategy work that comes after, to ensure that your values align with those you are trying to attract, in order to get the most out of your marketing activities.

  • Management Capability Development 50% Co-Funding

    Businesses may be eligible for support under the Management Capability Development Fund, which offers businesses up to 50% co-funded support for management coaching and training services to build management capability within the business.

    Find out more by visiting 
    their website, or CONTACT US TODAY!

  • Get in touch today to discuss your project! 

    Co-funded or not, we offer a FREE 30-minute discovery call to all potential new clients to fully understand your needs, and in order to be able to offer you the right service and support.



    A 6-month one-on-one training program customised to meet the management capability gap of the business owner and / or business manager.

    Increase your knowledge in all areas of your online business and its development, including:
    Competitive Advantage, E-commerce, Marketing & Social Media, Client Management, Strategic Planning, and Promotion/Lead Generation Techniques.



    Before letting us undertake a whole online presence audit, ensuring that your website is set up to convert traffic! The audit includes SEO, "look and feel" of the website, language, and the whole customer journey through to checkout and delivery.

    We'll deliver a written report on the state of your website and all your social media channels, including best practices, with tips on how you can improve all of these, rank higher and convert more.



    The KYC WORKSHOP is structured into 2 x 90-minute sessions that help you identify your ideal customer and outlines clear, tangible ways of how to communicate and interact with them in the best possible way for their specific values - ultimately leading to more leads & sales.


    Some 'homework' is expected in-between sessions.


Need Help? We offer a FREE 30-min discovery call to all prospective clients. We want to understand your unique circumstances and how we can service you best. Contact Us Today!