Strategy & Business Development

Do you feel stuck? Or a little overwhelmed?
Do you feel like you need to move forward, but not sure what to do? 

We can help.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Strategy and Business Development services for small and medium sized businesses.

As part of our dedicated strategy work, Kaizen Kiwi conducts one on one training and coaching within the areas of Business Strategy & Development.
With many years of international experience, we take a large picture approach for SME's, identifying opportunities locally as well as internationally to guide your business moving forward.

We coach businesses in how to improve existing processes and identifying new opportunities. We look at developing new services, products/product lines and/or export opportunities among other things. Marketing strategy and online presence are important parts of the whole picture. We will leave no stone unturned.
Even in these challenging times, there are fantastic opportunities - you just need to know where to look!

We work with Business Strategy & Development in two ways:
  1. Project Work: A defined scope of work with a clear outcome and tangible delivery points. Often defined start and end dates. This type of work often includes implementation in areas identified as needing improvement and is shorter in time frame than coaching.
  2. Business Coaching: A different approach, this is type of work is more directed to long term goals, and together we will identify areas of your business that need attention. Partial goals are set up, working towards, and ensuring you are on the path towards your long term goals, personally or as a business. We will meet either once or twice a month to follow up on progress made, setting new tasks, and following up on progress made so far. We act like your sounding board, and you will have a safe and confidential environment where you can voice concerns and work through problems that arise in your business.
Flexible in time commitment each week, we work according to your needs and availability. Prices depend on the length of project and complexity of your needs. View our current coaching packages here.

Each and every project or coaching programme is tailored to your specific needs so contact us today to discuss.



Businesses may be eligible for support under the Tourism Transition Fund for this service. Find out more by visiting

If you are not eligible for the Tourism Transition Fund, you can still get help. The Management Capability Development Fund offers businesses up to 50% co-funded support for management coaching and training services to build management capability within the business. Find out more by visiting


The Importance of Storytelling

All marketing, and ultimately the success of your new business, relies on one thing: storytellingIn order to tell your story in the right way, the first step is identifying your ideal client and ask yourself: WHO is your customer?

All strategy work starts with a workshop where we conduct a number of exercises, ultimately will leading to identifying your ideal customer, and crafting your unique value proposition. This in turn will guide all strategy work that comes after, to ensure that your values align with those you are trying to attract, in order to get the most out of your marketing activities.


We offer a 30 minute free consultation to any new customers, to fully understand your needs and to offer you the right services.
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